24/7/365 Gym

We are a full-service gym that will fulfill all your needs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  We have the latest equipment and you can use your key card to access the gym any time day or night.  At Anytime Fitness we understand you may have had a long relationship with another gym.  Some in the Bel Air area have closed down or are about to close down.  We can be your new home and help you reach your fitness goals.  Our convenient hours and locations are unmatched in the area, as we have gyms in Amyclae/Agora, serving the east side of Bel Air, and The Festival, serving the west and south sides of Bel Air.

Our pricing packages are extraordinary.  We cannot be matched in the area when it comes to services offered and pricing.  We also have an expansive new addition to the Agora Drive location.  Our space is now enormous.  Come check it out today!

We can customize separate plans for each of our members.  Anytime Fitness Bel Air is certainly not a cookie-cutter gym and training facility.  Radiated, or infrared heat is heat that is transferred from one body to another.  It can be transferred from the sun to your face.  It can be heat from a campfire being felt on your back.  Our new infrared sauna uses infrared heaters to emit infrared light.  This light actually acts as a radiant and our members feel the calming, relaxing heat!

The benefits of an infrared sauna are numerous.  If you are injured or just need recovery from difficult workouts, infrared saunas have an uncanny knack of helping you get back to 100%.  Additionally, the infrared sauna dilates blood vessels, increasing circulation, and leading to a more healthy looking skin tone.

Our sauna can also help to remove toxins, give you energy, help you lose weight, and relieve pain.  It truly is a magical experience.

Cryotherapy is also being offered by Anytime Fitness.  We offer this treatment to recover and rejuvenate.  There are many benefits to this therapeutic exercise.  Also, it gets more comfortable with each session.  Studies have shown cryotherapy uses freezing temperatures to improve anxiety and depression, spurs weight loss, reduces inflammation, and again, heals injury and provides pain relief.  It can have miraculous results. 

Our two locations are a huge advantage for our members.  Members can use either location whenever they like.  Therefore, if you work in Abingdon, but live in Churchville, you can use the Festival location when working out in the morning and Agora Drive during the weekend.  Whatever your combination, we are within a couple miles if you’re in the Bel Air area.

Since purchasing these two locations, both within the last two years, the Troutmans have established a welcome culture of expansion, improvements, and investment.  They are investing in new equipment and therapies.  They are improving the already formidable training team.  They are expanding to larger spaces, more services, and more nutritional products.  Visit either of Anytime Fitness’ locations in Bel Air today!